About Me

What I do!

Hey! I'm Burke. Coding is one of my many hobbies which include playing my guitars, camping, hiking, video editing/making, and playing some good ole video games. I am a Sophmore at Wilson High School, and I created this website for my computer science class. Some of the places where I have learned how to code are W3Schools, SoloLearn, and many other places! the coding languages that I do know are C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and HTML (Obvious with this one).

Things I want to do!

Based on the skills that I can do, which are my hobbies, I can do a lot of things. But my dream career is to be a comedian! Some of my favortie stand up comics are Pete Davidson, Danny Jolles, Dan Ahdoot, Nick Guerra, Erik Myers, Tony Baker, and Donald Glover. One place where I really want to do stand up is at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and at The Pike. Then if i build my comedy career I can hopefully do shows around the world and maybe write some sketches that could be preformed on SNL or Comedy Central.

"You're a smart person who doesn't function like a smart person" - My girlfriend